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     I would highly recommend the cleaning services of Carpet Cleaners Kingston. I've used their regular cleaning option, had help with cleaning my carpet, sofa, and they've done a deep clean, and every service I use is always carried out with utmost professionalism and expertise. Very pleased.
Lola Mclaine19/05/2020
     They are very thorough and have great attention to detail. I would recommend Kingston Carpet Cleaning to anyone.
Michelle G19/09/2019
     I'll admit, it had been years since the last time my home had a proper clean. I was a little bit nervous phoning CarpetCleanersKingston but once they got here they dived straight into the work. The workers were quick and skilled and the overall cost of the job was much more affordable than I expected it to be. The home cleaning team left my house spotless and now I can enjoy my home again.
Amanda Corr15/09/2017
     I got my carpet cleaning service from Kingston Carpet Cleaners a few months ago, and the results of the clean are still very much apparent. It's even more obvious now, months after, that the team really do know what they're doing because the results of the deep clean have lasted! I can't recommend this company highly enough; they truly are fantastic! Such a great service, and a great team too.
Laura Isaacs 10/02/2016
      Carpet Cleaning Kingston were super when I had my home cleaned by them. As I worked away a lot I didn't have time for the house work, so a friend recommended that I used this cleaning company. They did a great job and really deep cleaned the place and it sparkled with cleanliness. The cleaners were friendly and smart and brought all of their own tools and supplies. They took great care working among my belongings and delivered lovely results. The cost was very reasonable and I would certainly suggest if you need a cleaning service to hire these guys; they were excellent.
Robert Price14/07/2015
     Kingston Carpet Cleaner is the best cleaning company I have ever worked with. They are extremely professional and very affordable and I honestly say that they leave no spot in your house without cleaning it thoroughly. Great job, great people and I am more than thankful for having chosen them as my cleaning company!
Beatrice 17/03/2015
     I am writing to thank the cleaners at Kingston Carpet Cleaner for the amazing job they did with my end of lease house clean. What would have been a week-long job for me took only a few hours, and the results were much better than I'd hoped for! Thanks for the hard work and effort!
Michael Gibbs29/01/2015
     Big thank you to the team at Kingston Carpet Cleaner for the recent kitchen cleaning. It's like a new room entirely. I'd been delaying the deep cleaning for a while now, possibly even putting it off until spring. But then a friend put me in touch with them as something of a birthday present and now I'm spending more and more time in my freshly cleaned kitchen. It's a pleasure to cook in there. I'll certainly be having them back to deal with the other rooms.
Dale Russell07/01/2015
     I have always felt a bit sceptical about cleaners as I've seen the way that many cleaning companies just clean generically and miss out the little but important bits such as not cleaning the gaps between bannisters, not dusting window sills and not properly scrubbing the outside of the toilet bowl. However that is not a worry I have with Kingston Carpet Cleaner - their cleaners really have an eye for detail and the home cleaning we receive is terrific. I have been through many cleaning companies and have now finally found the right one, whom I intend to stick with.
     Housework isn't an area that I would say I'm particularly strong in. I could blame it on a lack of time or devotion, but the simple fact of the matter is; I'm just not good at it! So just thinking about enjoying a spotless home is a fantastic feeling. With Kingston Carpet Cleaner I got to experience it! They did a terrific job with the place, and at the end of the day it looks better than it ever has! All I've got to say besides that is that I hire them every week now, so if that doesn't count as a recommendation, I don't know what does!
Kirsty Y.29/08/2014
     I worked away a lot as a heavy good driver, so when I returned home to by two bedrooms flat the last thing I wanted was the cleaning to do. My mum suggested I hire some help from a local cleaning company that she had recently used. Kingston Carpet Cleaner were brilliant to deal with from the first contact by email. I booked a meeting for a quote and was happy with the price. I set a date every two weeks for cleaners to do the housework. They dusted, polished, vacuumed, mopped and swept. The place looks great now on my return home.
Rod Block24/07/2014
     I've been wanting to change my office cleaning company for a while as they just weren't providing the level of service that I was looking for. I spoke to a colleague who told me about his great experienced with Kingston Carpet Cleaner and he highly recommended that I give them a trial run. I'm really, really glad that I did because they provide an amazing level of service. The quality of the clean can't be compared to, and no matter how hard I looked for flaws, I couldn't find a single fault. This is a great cleaning service and the staff are very experienced and reliable. I love having my office cleaned!
Rebecca U.08/07/2014
     I wanted a cheaper solution to buying new furniture so a friend suggested I hire a professional cleaning company to clean the upholstery. I contacted Kingston Carpet Cleaner and booked a meeting. The staff member arrived on time and explained the procedure and gave me a quote that I was happy with. I arranged a day and couldn't wait to see the results. The team came on time with their equipment and began work almost immediately. No time was wasted the cleaning was done relatively quickly. The result was splendid. The upholstery looked so bright and clean and smelt fresh too. I am so glad I decided not to buy new!
Lin Stevens26/05/2014
     I am extremely pleased to report that Kingston Carpet Cleaner did an incredible job for us after an event last week, and that we will certainly be using them again! Me and my husband were very impressed by the standard of cleaning, and how fast the team got everything done, it really was quite miraculous, and we will certainly be using this lot again! It is a shame that we had never heard of them before we started looking, and we hope that this review will get people booking them over and over again, as they really do deserve it!
Cheryl Jackson14/05/2014
     I hate housework with a vengeful passion, and it is with great relief that I let you know about Kingston Carpet Cleaner. They have always been excellent when I have used them, and I don't see any reason as to why they would be any different with other households. With a great team of cleaning staff so that there is always someone available at a minutes notice, I will be using them again and again, and I do hope that my recommendation will help them get more business in the future, as it is thoroughly deserved.
Beth Keller05/03/2014
     My rugs are the bane of my life, or at least they were until I discovered Kingston Carpet Cleaner. No matter what they are made of or how they are made, they are always delicate and difficult to clean, and they seem to need cleaning more than other parts of my home! After ruining more than one with my own lack of knowledge about how to go about cleaning them, I decided to let these guys, as professionals, have a go. They did a simply stunning job of bringing my rugs back to life. I have told all my friends, and now I am here giving my wholehearted recommendation.
Katy Brooks05/12/2013

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